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Golfing Rabbi

Contributed by: ADDaJOKE

One Sunday a golf playing Rabbi decided to play at the local golf course. He was happy to find a threesome who were getting ready to tee off. He asked if he could join them and they agreed. In conversation while playing he found out that one man was Christian, one was Hindu and the other was Muslim. The Rabbi finished with a score of 69 (professional level) while the others carded in the high 90’s. Golf scores being extremely important they asked the Rabbi how they could improve to play as well as he did. He said they would have to convert to Judaism.

The following week they got together and decided that they would convert. With that done they called the Rabbi and on Sunday met him at the Golf course. The Rabbi shot a 68 while they scored in the mid- nineties. They asked the Rabbi how come they still played so poorly. He asked them where they went to convert. They said that they went to Temple Beth Shalom. The Rabbi said: Beth Shalom – that’s for tennis!

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