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Not Elderly

Contributed by: ADDaJOKE MiamiFL,  (U.S.)

Just turned 65? You’re not elderly – you’re a junior Senior Citizen and you can now get free bus rides on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s between 2 and 4 PM. Going to the gym for some exercise? If you don’t wear “Silver Sneakers” they won’t let you in.

When you become 80 Years old, in the year 2050, you will be entitled to collect federal Social Security at 50%, but if you wait until your 85 you will receive 100%.

Made it to 90? Congratulations, you’re now a senior Senior and so you will be obliged to smile when the occasional “jokester” calls you 90 years young.

Now you’ve reached 100 years but, not to worry, 100 is the new 60. Hopefully, you’ve crossed off everything on your bucket list before becoming a root inspector.

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